The suitable card printer

For the optimal use of Sky, we directly offer you the matching card printer. With the suitable hardware you get the maximum out of your software.

The best card printers for Sky

Retransfer card printer

Card printers using a Retransfer foil are perfectly suited for printing small and medium-sized card quantities. In the two-part printing process, a transparent polyester film is printed first. In a second step, this film is laminated onto the card to be printed.

Matica XID8300

Matica XID8600

evolis Agilia

Thermo sublimation card printers

Thermo sublimation print, or also referred to as color sublimation print, is an effective and qualitative printing technique. This is a card printing standard method, which is usually more economical than the more complex Retransfer print.

evolis Primacy 2

evolis Quantum 2