Why ID.office Sky

Find out here, why our ID card management solution is different from others. An eye for detail is decisively and makes our products something special.

The innovative special features of our ID card management solution

This video gives you a short overview of the ID.office Sky feature. Learn more about the functionality and logic behind our system. With our unique software architecture and functions, you will discover an unexpected workflow in managing and creating employee badges.

A wide range of options for all requirements

Funktionalität in der Benutzeroberfläche

User surface functionality

All ID.office Sky functions can be accessed comfortably and easily via the user surface. Thanks to this easy and intuitive menu navigation, users are able to orient themselves straightaway. Data records can be created and managed in a blink. You can create employee badges in real time and maintain the complete overview of the required data.

Database service tool and data care

In order to make data management even easier and more diverse, you can import and export data records as CSV- and/or TXT-file with a single click. When exporting the data, you can freely select which data fields need to be read out. To ensure the best possible functionality of your databases, our database service tool executes event-oriented tasks according to updates and backups. The tasks can be centrally automated and created.

Datenbank-Service-Tool und Datenpflege