Modern technique and functions sky provides the latest technique for optimizing your ID card management. Make use of the effective workflow in order to manage your employee badges.

Highlights of Sky

Dezentrale Bildaufnahme

Decentralized image recording

With our ID card management solution, the required images can be captured individually and comfortably by your employees themselves with their smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the AI-supported image processing, backgrounds can be adapted and images can be optimized in a blink. There’s no need anymore to arrange photo appointments with your employees; the entire process can be executed via the mobile end device. Once taken the pictures, they are automatically integrated into the system and ID card.

Digital ID card

With Sky you can completely digitalize your employee badges. By only a few clicks, the digital ID cards can be integrated into the wallet app on the smartphone. This saves time and costs for designing, ordering and printing the classic employee badges on plastic cards. Furthermore, it preserves resources and helps protecting the environment. Your employees use the fully functional, digital ID card comfortably on their smartphones.

Digitaler Ausweis

Functional diversity and application flexibility

Web services

Allows the decentralized image recording via smartphone and AI-supported image processing. Image background. Even more effective with the “digital ID card” for the wallet app on the mobile end device.

Data import and export

Support of different database formats. Selective data import and export.

Connection to external data source

Import the data from the formats *.mdb, *.csv, *.xls und *.xlsx.


Compatible with MS Acces-, MS SQL- and MySQL-databases.

Database service tool

Via the module DB service, different sub-systems are provided with necessary data. Without any programming effort or setting up additional interfaces to the database, an action (e-mail, export or direct DB access) can be executed for a large number of events (saving, printing, encoding, editing) of a data record.

User authorization with connection

In order to ensure that the user has to authenticate himself only once by using an authentication procedure (e.g. by entering a password), the SSO mechanism takes over this task for subsequent authentications by automating the login process.

RFID encoding

You cannot only print your ID cards but also encode them in the same step.

Receipt printing

You can print a receipt as a confirmation for each ID card printed.

Multilingual Sky is available in the following languages: German, English, French and Spanish. Other languages upon request!

Layout designing

Integrated layout editor for an easy layout creation and processing.

Layout preview

Take a look at your badge types as a preview in the user surface of Sky.

Made by MADA

The software was designed and developed directly by MADA.